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CRP Print and Packaging - Case Study

CRP Print and Packaging Leave Nothing to Chance and use MX8000 Paper Moisture Analyzers to Ensure their Product Quality

CRP Print & Packaging Ltd, one of Europe’s leading independent decorative print and packaging groups is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to ensure that its customers receive product of the highest quality, by introducing two Moistrex MX8000 moisture analyzers to monitor, control and analyse moisture levels in its products.


The Moistrex MX8000 Portable Paper Analyzer, manufactured by NDC Infrared Engineering provides paper and board makers and paper converters with a fast, accurate measurement of moisture.


The MX8000 has a moisture range of 1-15% for paper and board between 30-1200 gsm, making it ideal for testing finished papers and boards or measuring moisture at critical stages in paper converting such as pre-lamination of pressure sensitive adhesive materials or following re-moisturising. It can also be used for testing specifications of supplier stocks and incoming paper products before processing.


Mark Fletcher, Business Manager at CRP Print & Packaging Ltd, said:

“There are numerous discussions within the industry of the importance of moisture control. We partnered with NDC following detailed discussions with experts, and we decided to add two more Moistrex units in addition to the existing system we already had. The two new units are used at different locations within the production process and we have had excellent results.  “The portability of the system means that we can easily move them within the plant as required”, he continued, “and we now have an additional QC measurement that many of our competitors leave to chance”.


As easy to use as a photocopier, the MX8000 is unaffected by colour, surface finish, sizing, conductive salts or fiber length since the microwave technique used measures through the paper sample. The MX8000 offers both time and labour cost saving benefits since it is many times faster than traditional loss-on-drying methods and can significantly save time and effort compared to slow and labour-intensive laboratory-based gravimetric testing.


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