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Intelligent in-line Measurement Solutions Dairy Liquids

In-Line Measurement Solutions Dairy Liquids


Milk-Inspector: Measurement of milk products

Reliable in-line measurement system for effective process monitoring in the dairy. The Milk-Inspector of J&M Analytik AG is a novel scientifically proven in-line optical measurement system for fat, protein and dry weight analysis during the production. 



Due to a very short measurement time you can monitor these parameters in more detail and with highest accuracy for control and documentation. See for yourself and be convinced by the easy handling of this system. With Milk-Inspector you have the newest measurement technology for your daily work.

Milk-Inspector for liquid in-line measurement of fat, protein and dry weight



Milk-Inspector provides reliable analysis and cost savings during standardization. Precise real-time measurements help to increase profitability (e.g. by avoiding fat excess) and to keep sustainable product quality.


  In-line monitoring of fat and total protein content at customer site

Graph in-line monitoring of fat and total protein content






















Key features
  • In-line measurement system
  • Monitoring of fat, protein and dry weight
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Continuous real-time management
  • Short measurement times
  • Hygienic, without sampling
  • Proved by scientific research


PIP Innovater 2014



Milk is different because cows are different