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MX8000 rapid measurement of moisture in paper


The NDC Measurement Solutions offer an unrivalled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and stability for the At-Line measurement of moisture in a wide range of applications in the Paper and Board Making Industry, Converting and Printing Industry.


The Moistrex MX8000 Paper Moisture Measurement System is the successor of the very succesful MX5000 which has been used for At-Line Paper Moisture Measurement for more then 10 years. Ideal for use at the production installation or in the paper laboratory.


Major benefits MX8000:

Users throughout the world control their paper processes with the moisture measurement system and experience the following major benefits:



  • Safe & Easy to use
  • No sample preparation
  • Non - Destructive
  • Instant measurement results
  • For all paper types
  • Moisture range: 1- 15%
  • Measurement Accuracy ± 0.1%
  • Paper basis weights from 30 - 1200 gsm.
  • Suitable ISO Quality Systems
MX8000 paper moisture measurement system; portable + rapid


Key applications

Mechanical Pulp: Newsprint, woodchip, wallpaper. mixed pulp; fibreboard, coated board, cartridge.
Chemical Pulp: Brown paper, blotting, writing, bond, quality print. highly beaten; glossine.
Cotton Liners: Banknote paper.


Please also check the IG710e moisture measurement system which is successfully used for At-Line moisture measurements of aluminium laminated and metalized papers.