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Intelligent on-line Measurement Solutions Bulk Industry

On-Line Measurement Solutions Bulk Industry

The NDC Measurement Solutions offer an unrivalled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and stability for the on-line measurement of moisture in a wide range of applications in the Bulk and Chemical Industry.


CM710e online moisture measurement bulk industry

Major benefits:

  • Increased productivity

  • Savings on raw materials

  • Instant detection of process changes

  • Improved product quality and process control

  • Energy savings


Series 9 Bulk & Chemicals

The on-line Series 9 NIR Moisture Measurement System for continuous measurement of moisture during drying processes. The Series 9 'Heavy Duty' on-line moisture gauge designed specifically for harsh industrial environments. Supplied with a robust stainless steel housing, sealed to IP67, for those measurement locations where process conditions present a major challenge. Available optionally in ATEX certified configurations. The Series 9 is ideal for mineral, ceramics and chemical processes.


Key applications Series 9 Bulk & Chemicals include:



Copper, lead and nickel ores, sinter mix, phosphates, bauxite, chalk, fluorspar, bentonite, kaolin, limestone, dolomite.

Building products:  

Ceramic powders for tiles, clay, sand, concrete mixes, cement, quartz sand and furnace slag.

Wood products:


Wood chips and pulp, OSB, MDF, particle board, timber and



Explosives, resins, detergents, rubber crumb, cellulose, polymer

chips and powders, chemical powders, neoprene rope, PVC powder.

Fibres: Cotton, filter tow, acetate, textiles, rayon, tyre cord.
Others: Sewage sludge, composted waste, cork.