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Intelligent on-line Measurement Solutions Food Industry

On-Line Measurement Solutions Food Industry

MM710e Food gauge with Vortec Cooler



The new NDC Series 710e NIR Measurement Systems offer an unrivalled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and stability for the on-line measurement of moisture, fat / oil or protein in a wide range of applications in the Food Industry.



MM710e Food Industry; online moisture, fat & protein measurementMajor benefits

Users throughout the world control their processes with the MM710e measurement systems and derive the following major benefits:


  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased productivity
  • Savings on raw materials
  • Instant detection of process changes
  • Improved product quality and process control
  • Energy savings


MM710e Food

The on-line MM710e Single or Multi component NIR Measurement System for continuous measurement of moisture, fat / oil or protein. Video: MM710e online measurement of Dairy Powders.



Key applications :

Snacks, starch, cereals, milk powders, infant food, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, food ingredients, potato flakes, tea, breadcrumbs, flour, refined sugar, nuts, pasta dough.



MM710e DOB for the Baking en Snack Food Industries










The innovative MM710e DOB is the integrated on-line process analyzer from NDC for the (snack) food industry. The non-contact measurement technology has been developed for on-line analyzes of not only moisture and fat content, but also for the simultaneously measurement of color and product bed height.


The MM710e DOB enables manufacturers to control baking processes even better. DOB (Degree Of Bake) stands for the real time measurement of the browning process of (snack) food products as a result of the Maillard reaction. The MM710e DOB sensor contributes to an increase in product quality and food safety.


The Bakery and Snack Food industry have recognised the need for reliable on-line moisture, fat and color measurement. The MM710e DOB is a dedicated measurement solution for these industries with a unique integrated system for increased product quality and food safety. Following benefits can be realised: reduction of out of specs products, food safety, ensuring shelf life, reducing off flavours and virtually eliminates the need of routine off-line testing.


Key applications :

Snack Foods, Biscuits, crackers, cookies, crisp bread and other bakery products.