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Intelligent on-line Measurement Solutions Food Industry

On-Line Measurement Solutions Food Industry


Series 9 Measurement Solutions

The new NDC Series 9 NIR Measurement Solutions offer an unrivalled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and stability for the on-line measurement of moisture, fat / oil or protein in a wide range of applications in the Food Industry.


Major benefits

Users throughout the world control their processes with the

Series 9 measurement systems and derive the following major benefits:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased productivity
  • Savings on raw materials
  • Instant detection of process changes
  • Improved product quality and process control
  • Energy savings



    Series 9 Food

    The on-line Series 9 Food Single or Multi component NIR Measurement System for continuous measurement of moisture, fat / oil or protein. Video: Series 9 online measurement of Dairy Powders.


    Key applications :

    Snacks, starch, cereals, milk powders, infant food, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, food ingredients, potato flakes, tea, breadcrumbs, flour, refined sugar, nuts, pasta dough.



    Series 9 DOB for the Baking en Snack Food Industries









    The innovative Series 9 DOB is the integrated on-line process analyzer from NDC for the (snack) food industry. The non-contact measurement technology has been developed for on-line analyzes of not only moisture and fat content, but also for the simultaneously measurement of color and product bed height.


    The Series 9 DOB enables manufacturers to control baking processes even better. DOB (Degree Of Bake) stands for the real time measurement of the browning process of (snack) food products as a result of the Maillard reaction. The Series 9 DOB sensor contributes to an increase in product quality and food safety.


    Series 9 Food

    The Bakery and Snack Food industry have recognised the need for reliable on-line moisture, fat and color measurement. The Series 9 DOB is a dedicated measurement solution for these industries with a unique integrated system for increased product quality and food safety. Following benefits can be realised: reduction of out of specs products, food safety, ensuring shelf life, reducing off flavours and virtually eliminates the need of routine off-line testing.


    Key applications :

    Snack Foods, Biscuits, crackers, cookies, crisp bread and other bakery products.