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Intelligent on-line Measurement Solutions Pharma Industry

On-Line Measurement Solutions Pharma Industry


Measurement of powders and granules

The production of many pharmaceutical products is taking place in fluid bed driers or typical spray dryers. For the Pharma Industry the end point determination of moisture is an important process parameter. Traditionally the process end point moisture is determined by offline testing methods. This method has frequently proven to unreliable due to the variability of the materials being dried. Very often the products are over dried and the properties of the have to be compromised.


The NDC PH710e NIR Measurement Systems offer an unrivalled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and stability for the on-line measurement of moisture for applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


PH710e Pharma - end point determination of moisture

PH710e Pharma

Users throughout the world control their processes with the PH710e measurement systems and derive the following major benefits:


  • Instant determination of end point moisture
  • Savings on raw materials
  • Instant detection of process changes
  • Improved product quality and process control
  • Energy savings

Key applications :

Moisture end point determination of wet and dry granulation processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


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