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Intelligent Profile Measurement Solutions Web Industry

TDi the Intelligent Profile Measurement Solutions for the

Web Industry


The new NDC Series 8000 TDi and 9000 TDi ProNet Profile Measurement Systems offer an unrivaled performance with high accuracy, repeatability and optimum process information for the profile measurement of moisture, coatweight, film thickness or film composition for a wide range of applications in the Paper, Metal and Aluminium, Converting and Plastics Industry.


The new revolutionary TDi Technology developed by NDC offers optimum measurement and system performance, ease of installation and the Lowest Cost of Ownership.


NDC is the largest system supplier, since 1966, to the Web Industry World Wide and an unrivalled range of measurement gauges that covers all the applications in the web industry are available.

Following measurement Gauges are available:


Non Woven Web Gauging Systems

NDC range of NIR TDi Gauges:

  • IG710s Back Scatter for Moisture and Coat Weight
  • SR710s Specular Reflectance for thin coatings on metal substrates
  • FS710s Forward Scatter Sensor
  • FG710s Transmission Film Gauge
  • TFG710s Transmission Thin Film Gauge



Nucleonic and X-Ray TDi measurement Gauges:

  • Gamma Back Scatter Model 100 range
  • BETA Transmission Model 300 range
  • X-Ray Transmission (XRT) Model 312 range
  • X-Ray Back Scatter (XRB) Model 318 range



NDC Extrusion Web Gauging Systems

MiniTrack TDi and AccuTrack TDi Scanning frames

From NDC a range of reliable and durable range of scanning frames is available to operate on the NDC 8000 TDi and 9000 TDi ProNet profile measurement systems. The scanners will operate with all measurement gauges available from NDC. Following Scanner are available:


  • AccuTrack O-Frame Scanner
  • MiniTrack range O-Frame Scanner
  • MiniTrack C-Frame Scanner
  • MiniTrack S-Frame Scanner